Overcoming a Shooting Slump!

Jordan Farmar shooting.

No matter how much you practice or how good of a shooter you think you are, there will be times during a game where you find it incredible hard to make your shot. Every time you miss, you just let yourself down by thinking negatively. If left untreated or if you reacted too wrongly, these shooting slumps can turn into major confidence busters and can distract you so much that you become ineffective during the game. This is when the coach comes in to play, they must realize that you’re in a slump and guide you through the situation. A shooting slump is all a mental game and many players don’t know how to get through it. The coach should guide his player through this slump they telling them to not hesitate. When some players are rushing through their movement, they aren’t thinking properly and will shoot the ball through hesitation. The coach has to calm the player down and let them know that they are doing just fine and keep his head up. Tell their players that they will make the next one so they’re determined to make the next one. Players have to calm down and think of the situation, they must not hesitate and go full motion when shooting. Best of all! Keep practicing! If you keep practicing, you will know what to do next time you are caught in a shooting slump.


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